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programming, Term 2, visualisation

The sketch infinitas.pde is the result of an eight week workshop held by Prof. Franklin Hernandez-Castro. In those eight weeks, we learned the deeper basics of processing, the “magic” of recursive subroutines, the wisdom of creating coherent structures and the pain of debugging your own insane code.

The program is able to read folders, their content and their structure. Based on preset algorithms it creates an three dimensional object much alike a solar system. The main folder is the center, surrounded by its subfolders and files. All other folders and files follow the same behaviour. File size is displayed by the size of a star, while the file type determines its color.

Although this is only an second term project, it is still one of my favorites. I am very proud of the code we wrote and don’t regret a single night I didn’t sleep.

I still enjoy the visuality and its concept. The idea of organizing digital data in three dimensional structures is still an inspiration today.


Together with Gero Nicklas and Jan Schlegel.