Technology research

We live in a spectacular time. Most our nerdiest childhood fantasies have already been exceeded by today’s technology. Progress reaches a inconceivable velocity and new buzzwords surround us like bees on a honeypot. And just like the children we once were, we want to take those technologies to create stories and live adventures. But to create a story that can be reality some day, you have to understand its components.

An essential part of my work is to understand technology and keep pace with new developments. This helps even in early ideation phases to validate the feasibility of a project. You might find endless cases to use mixed reality devices, but you will quickly fail to prove them if e.g. you don’t understand that today’s spatial tracking is made for static environments and that see-trough screens and infra-red tracking can conflict with bright sunlight.

A good UX Designer has to be aware of the capabilities and limitations of the technology he works with and the possible ways to work around them.