Mobility eco-systems

Our definition of mobility is no longer defined by horse powers or miles per gallon. We can’t even reduce it to the fact “how we get there”. Mobility is defined by how we make the decisions where we want to go, what time we want to go, and how we want to go. If you want to sell mobility, a solution to travel won’t be enough. You have to understand every aspect of your customers life and assist him in decision making. Why should I worry about finding a parking spot when my navigation system already knows I am returning from work? Why should I take the car when I have to go to the city center later? Why does the postman bring my parcel to the neighbors if my car stands right in front of him?

Designing Mobility-Eco systems is not about bringing services to places and situation where they haven’t been before. It’s about finding the hidden connections, and drawing the right conclusions – sometimes by big data, sometimes by simply taking a step back.