Change management

“Change is the only constant.”

For decades the industry followed a different but yet simple and reasonable mantra:

“Never change a running system.”

But today’s technology creates systems that are changing themselves. Chats rooms become news feeds, search engines become hardware suppliers, and car manufactures become mobility service providers. To keep pace with the self-changing systems we have to change how we steer them. One important step is to adapt our processes. Most industry giants are stuck in inherited waterfall processes. Those have to be analyzed and if necessary transformed into agile work streams. As a scrum master, I assist my clients to understand and implement agile frameworks into their company. I help them to understand that “Agile” and “Scrum” is not something that only influences the development teams. It is something that first of all has to work in upper management and works its way down. Only this way we can enable development teams to create amazing things in a short period of time.